Guys, I’m going to deactivate tomorrow.

I really love all of you, but I think this fandom has gone to another level I don’t like. I don’t care about gaining followers, or that kind of stuff. I love all of my close friends here, but i got to go. If you wanna talk to me or something you can kik me :) (nickiigal). I’m staying on my personal ♥ And yeah, that’s it :) thanks for everything. I love all of you. 

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can you check out my blog ?

I already follow you bby

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"Watched Perks of being a wall flower with the guys last night. We all cried. It was awesomely gay. Total broment #broment"

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k so i’m going on my personal for a while and maybe i’ll come back in a few days… i don’t feel good here… so um, yeah, i love you all

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♥ I know nobody is going to use this, but if you do please like the post :)

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I wish I could make good gifs, fml

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Keaton dancing/stripping 


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